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Advanced Tips to Scaling Your POD Products | Print On Demand



So Matt asks "tips on using more advanced scaling methods manual bidding and how when to tighten rules to improve profitability on a product pixel with a decent amount of data (500 purchases), so tips on using more advanced scaling methods and manual bidding and how when to tighten rules to improve profitability".

So first of all, when it comes to tips to scaling your big campaigns, one of the things I always say is like, once you have a phrase that's kind of indicating that it's a winner, and it's profitable, you're getting sales, that's kind of just the start of it. That's when you have to switch gears a little bit and put on your marketing hat, now's really the time to dial in that campaign, you need to do it at different levels. So I would probably start at the bottom of the funnel, maybe and work your way backwards. And it kind of depends on what your ad data is telling you, you may have a different kind of weak point in there. So for example, if your CPMs are really high and your click through rates have gone down, then maybe what you need to focus on first is improving the click through rate, that kind of thing. But as a general rule of thumb, I like to start at the bottom of the funnel work my way backwards. So for you, that would likely mean starting on your your product page, making sure your copies good, making sure your images are all good, making sure your title is clear, making sure you're in a good competitive price point. You know, think through AIDA, the AIDA formula of shared about copywriting, you know, so you want to write it so you get attention, interest, desire, action, that's the ADA acronym there. Make sure your copy all makes sense, make sure it's clear. If you have any offers, make sure you lead with offers on your product page, you can test with the discounts feature on the platform, that kind of thing. So you know, get your product looking good. The next step up and in the funnel, if you're on the platform is going to be getting your ads optimized. The first thing you want to do to optimize your ads is start with the image. That's where you get the biggest bank for your buck and increasing your click through rates. User content, user generated content style images, in my experience, have always done the best. So what you can do, you can you can order a sample of your product, and you can take pictures of it, literally with your cell phone, you don't have to run it through any production or anything like that. And you can use that in an ad and believe it or not, I mean that works really well you can put it on a table, you can hold it in your hand, you can take the photo outside, there's a million ways you can just take the photo, go outside, put it in your car. I mean, it's seriously, the user generated content style ads don't have to be anything special. So I'd recommend do that start with the image. And what you can do is you can test like five different images against each other to see which one performs the best. You can do that in a dynamic ad, where you can do that with five different ad sets, you can set up rules, so you run your ad sets to a certain number of impressions, and then turn the ad sets off, then evaluate your winners. There's a bunch of different ways you can do that to dial in that image. But the the big takeaway here is just test five different images against each other, find your winner, right? Then what you do is you want to test five different ad copies against each other, try the short, medium long ones, with emojis, without emojis, leading with an offer, leading with the phrase, all that kind of stuff. Test five different ad copies, then test your your different headlines. And then you know hopefully, if all those kind of stars align, you'll have a pretty good campaign. One more kind of vector to test there. If you have a winning phrase is test the phrase on five different designs. That's one more kind of variable that you can you can test if you've dialed into a winning phrase. So anyway, hope that helps answer your question. Good question.