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Dirt Simple Retargeting (Facebook Ads) | Print On Demand




Alright, let's talk about retargeting here. So for retargeting, I use dirt simple retargeting. Now again, you can get super complex with your retargeting guys isn't the only way to do it by any means. I use dirt simple retargeting. So one thing to think about here is like, when it comes, look, I've done agency stuff before. From a digital marketing perspective, I will tell you with agency stuff, you get way more complicated than this. Because you're building avatars and profiles and coming up with different angles, and you have new creatives that you're testing all the time, in different interests, you're doing day parting, and you're parting by age and divide. Like, it's just all, you're doing all this stuff super complicated. This is like, if a caveman were a digital marketer, this is the stuff that works with print on demand. Keeping it simple is like a wall in print on demand, okay? And it also keeps that barrier to entry really low for new people. So all this stuff I'm showing you, you can make it as complicated as you want it to be okay, I just like to keep things simple. Like I said, it's like caveman marketing itt's kind of how I think about it. So when it comes to retargeting, this is, this is usually what I like to do, I like to make two audiences. So inside of Facebook, you can go to audiences, you can go to create custom audience and I make an audience that's anybody that's viewed content in less than seven days. Then, I make another audience, that's anybody that's purchased in less than usually I do like 30 days on this one. And then for my retargeting, I literally throw both of these into an ad set. So I basically say if they view content in less than seven days, but they did that, but they so what I do is I sorry, guys. In the ad set, when you're doing the targeting up at the very top, there's like custom targeting, I think is the name of the field. And so I will include this audience here. So I include this, and then I exclude this, right. So what I'm doing is I'm targeting anybody that's viewed content but didn't purchase. Literally that's what I do. I mean, it's that simple, guys, and this usually will do very well from a retargeting perspective. Now you can do all kinds of stuff, like I said, you can make this super complicated, where you're like, targeting people less than 24 hours between two to five days between six and 10 days between 11 and 15. I mean, like, and you can take people through an entire journey, where they're seeing different ads and different creatives and you're answering objectives and trying to pull them in. I don't do that for this stuff. I literally keep it dirt simple. Again, it's caveman retargeting. That's what I like to do here.

So I've talked about how to get started. I've talked about ramping up and now you've got my dirt simple retargeting process here. Let's do some Q and A.

Why limit view content only seven days isn't worth it to go further back than FB retargeting? Yeah, I just find that the people view content the last seven days are the hottest kind of audience and I get my retargeting sales for really cheap you can certainly expand that, but your cost per purchase may go up. My recommendation would be if you're going to do that have one audience and one campaign for view content less than seven days have a completely different one for view content between seven and 14 days. That we can kind of keep track of your cost per purchase and each and kill one if it's a profitable.

Richard: on the retargeting, do you go back with a "Hey, you forgot x or Hey, you can get the x product at $20 discount?"

That's a great question. I do. What I'll typically do with my retargeting is I'll actually put two or three ads in the ad set. So I'll do one where it's like, "Hey, you were checking out this product." You know, "do you want to get it grab it today save 20 bucks" or something like that. Sometimes I'll add another discount code, sometimes I just run the the first ad that they saw originally, but I'll put all those ads into one ad set and then I'll let Facebook optimize on whichever one's working best. Again, caveman marketing for this stuff, caveman marketing you can get super advanced after you get a bunch of sales right in the beginning be a caveman when it comes to this.