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Product Teardown (DOs and DONTs) | Print On Demand



"Michael, can you analyze my Facebook ads and show me the good and bad things I did on the livestream? Thanks, Pierre."

First of all, everybody should get Pierre a round of applause, because this guy was brave enough to have us examine his stuff here in the livestream. Let me see. If he actually put a link to it. There's no link. Alright, well, we're just gonna have to do that.

So I'm gonna read the quotes, it's gonna be a little difficult for you guys to see, I'm almost certain of that. While I'm reading the quote, let's go ahead and get your feedback below here. What did we do right? What did we do wrong? What do we like about it? What can we improve? That kind of thing.

So here we go "To my wife. I may not always express my love for you with words, but this Christmas, I'd like you to know that I will always love you. Ever since I married you, I'm having Christmas every day in my heart. You give light to my life and no words can express how much you mean to me. This Christmas, I'm giving you the most special gift, I'm giving you my eternal and long lasting love. Merry christmas my love your husband."

All right, everybody. What do you guys think? Let's get some feedback here in the chat. What do you like about it? What could be improved?

Okay, "the scrawl seems random. For someone that doesn't express his love. All of a sudden seems very expressive." I mean, look, you kind of have a point there. But this cheesy stuff sells all the time. Um, the scrawls supposed to be a Christmas tree. I don't know if you can see that. But up at the very top, there's a little star on there.

"I think the red on Black doesn't work." Yeah, it's it's kind of fading into the background here. I tend to agree. I will, the red on Black can work. It's just maybe this looks better like on the actual product page because I'm getting a screenshot of a monitor. So it's it's the colors are off here. But at least based on this image, it's a little tough to pick up here.

"The Christmas tree distracts a message it does compete with." I agree with you there. It competes with it. I think with the right phrase, though, you probably still be in the clear with this one.

"I like the Christmas tree, doesn't need the wavy line underneath. Having Christmas in my heart sounds odd." I've Christmas every day in my heart. It does sound a little bit strange.

"I find the text to be a bit long. When that prints out. Anyone over 30 will need a magnifying glass." I'm 35 You're making me feel old.

"I prefer a lighter background. The black and red doesn't work together." Yeah, keep in mind, I'm betting this works a little bit better on the actual product page. We're looking at a photo of a monitor. So I think the colors are probably off a little bit.

"Maybe the message needs to be tightened up a bit." I think I agree with you. I think this could be tightened up. You could probably drop an entire sentence off of this thing and still convey the same sentiment.

"Too much text. Font choice could be better." Yeah, I mean, it could be I don't know I have a big problem with the font choice. I mean, it could be better but nothing really stands out to me particularly so much stumble over.

"Stick to the formula to my wife." It actually does say to my wife, it's just the to my is really tiny and it's probably hard to see on the screen your

"Black background is not appealing. Maybe nice, darker green might look happier." Yeah, could. The black backgrounds make the the product and everything really, really dramatic. Again, I'm gonna keep repeating this, but I do think someone has been skewed a little bit because we're looking at a picture of a monitor.

Ooh, Pier the link up there it is. Bam. Okay, make that a little bigger. This is a lot better. Yeah, I mean, it looks to me, it looks a lot better on the screen here. I do think though this here dude is way way too small. You can see ads just completely hidden. This is a different product to see must have changed something here. I think this is too big. I agree with everybody's comments. That's probably too much. It's too wordy. It's like a big, big wallet. It's like a brick of text.

This here is a little tough to read. It's really just the shade of red. Doesn't contrast enough with the black background here. Now it's probably fine up here maybe because it could be a lighter red. It's probably fine up here cuz it's bigger. But down here, we're losing it in the black.

"The eternal love part it's a bit off because they're married but it's getting there." I'm giving you my eternal and long lasting love because they're married. I get it, they should have already given that. I think that's your point. Background more greenish. I wouldn't mind seeing it with a green but the green is going to throw off the red. It's just you know, who knows we'd have to play around with it.

Okay, Pier I hope you found that helpful. Kind of a quick breakdown of your product here. I would recommend for the wife niche maybe start with forever love, alluring beauty is fine and love knot is good. I probably wouldn't do interlocking hearts for the wife niche not for testing. After you get something working feel free. But I like to stick to my tried and true when I'm testing.